Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas and Have a great 2011

Christmas is just over and we are waiting for another year to come, welcome 2011!!! a year with lots of excitiments for me.
I went shopping today with my sister, but I didn't buy anything. My sister bought two dresses, Philip Lim and another Alice and Olivia. They both are lovely. For Christmas Eve mass, I wore Giambatittista skirt + Donna Karan body suit shirt + YLS jacket/later change into Umberto Olivieri leather jacket., shoes by Christian Louboutin Bianca Patent black leather pumps. They are pretty but so darn hard to walk in:)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

California, wedding, house shopping

Checking out model houses and spec hones to get different ideas to build our house early next year. Wearing YSL jacket that I posted a run way pic in several previous posts, CL mesh pumps, Alexander Wang Bag.
At the wedding reception, wearing Giambasttista Valli dress, fur scarf and patent CL black pumps not shown.

I visited my brother's house which is under construction and is in progress. I went to my friend's wedding ceremony at church right before this and didn't get a chance to change before I visited the site. It was a bit of challenge walking in 5 inches heels on concrede. I had such a busy morning, no time to change or think of what to wear so I just go with whatever I see first in my closet--> I repeat my RM dress that I wore recently.

My one week vacation is over, back to reality...sigh.. I spent a week exploring different parts of California and squeeze in two days to go to Vegas as well. It must be my beginner luck with gambling. I only played $20 budget on the slot machine and after the first 2 minutes, I won $1050 so of course I cashed out and quitted.
Above are few photos from different events from this past weekend.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fabulous Black Friday Finds

Elizabeth & James Snake skin pattern pumps. Reg $375, I paid $135.50Christian Louboutin Delic pumps in dark red wine color, reg price $695, I paid $175.50

These are my Black Fabulous Friday finds from Saks at Dallas Galleria store. I went to return a face cream this past Tuesday at Saks, while I was in the store I browsed around the shoes department and ran into these beauties.
Every year for After Thanks Giving and Christmas sales, Saks offers 50% off on sale items from 8A.M until Noon so have your debit card/credit card ready. By way, I only shop on cash, I'm not a big fan of credit card because I would still have to pay back so might as well just pay cash for what I buy. My credit card is only for purpose like car rental and such. When rentinf a car, I have to use a credit card, not a debit card.

I am sure everyone waits until Friday to go shopping, but for me knowing that the store will have the sale, I ask the sale person to hold the items I find prior to the big sale to be rung up on the sale day. This way I don't have to fight the traffic, find parking, and getting to the store super early for the sale and/or risk a chance of someone else spot the items before I get there. Saks in Dallas does not carry lots of desginers, or any fun and interesting shoes. I think the CL pumps were someone's return to the store, and surprising they were on sale.
As you can tell I love to shop. I love clothes and shoes, but I am also very passionate about fitness. I trained with a trainer for over a year, and I can be a trainer myself at this point. All I need is a certification to train. I get approached by lots of trainers and mangers at the gym to ask if I ever thought of becoming a trainer? and that I should get my cert and training part time.
I am 5 ft 2 inches and weight 110lbs....I don't look it, but I am. I can do pull ups, push ups. I never tried to do until I collapse to see how many I can do. But my co-worker wouldnt dare to take on the push ups challange with me for HH drinks for eveyrone in the office:).
It's Thanks Giving day, but I am getting ready to head to the gym this morning, working on back and biceps today. I had a full legs work out yesterday.
You would think Ia m always decked out in desginer dresses and heels, but the truth is I'm most comfortablet in my work out gear. I only dress up for special occasion.
Happy thanks giving everyone, and hope you all find great black friday deals. Do share about what you find.

sometime ago

This photo was taken this past summer in florida. In the picture I wore twist front Dior black sheath dress, Giuseppi Zanotti pumps, Marni ruffle multi colors sequin collar. This piece looks cool in person, but has got to be the hardest piece to wear. I guess I am just not cool enough to sport this type of style. I tried to search for different ideas on how to wear it, but I just can't find anything. I guess, I will have to dedicate one day to try it on with all different tops and dresses to see what goes best with it

Monday, November 22, 2010

Who or what influence your taste/style in fashion?

This pair of shoes is gorgeous, but at a hefty price tag of $3400? well, not so much. I've heard they are not very comfortable. There is a similiar pair at which is much less $595, and it is glittered and not crystal pumps like this one as seen here. I don't mind spending a couple of hundreds, but when it gets to thousands for one pair of shoes, it is only good to adnire them on others or on photo or from afar:) This has got to be the highest heels I have in my closet. These are 5.5 inches. I can't believe CL made pumps and other shoes that are 160mm which equivalent to 6.5 inches. Well, guess what? enjoy all the high heels I want now because I do not need to carry a diaper bag or a baby, all my married friends and sisters don't wear this type of shoes anymore and I understand why.

Dolce & Gabban dress from, so pretty but not when it is $2250

This go perfect with my black pumps, I love the heart neckline. It can be found at, $1650.

Honestly, I love the black and white dresses above, but I can live without them because I have plenty of items look similiar to that, but I do not own any red dress yet so I can admire this for now, and keep my eyes out for the super saks sale later this summer. It is a new item just arrive at their online store so I dont expect for it to get marked down until sometime in 2011. Good thing is also carry the same item, when there are more of them in the market, the chance of getting one of them at super discount sale is bigger:). I am off to the gym now.

I am not too proud of my expensive taste because someime I feel like I am becoming more and more materialistic , but I can't help it. I either spend to buy something really nice and I really like or I won't buy anything. You want to know what has created this expensive taste and a monster in me? I am the youngest in the family of seven siblings, and so often they gave me allowance to spend because they didn't want me to start working until I finish HS. My first expensive shopping experience was at Neiman Marcus, my church and H.S friend took me there, and I couldn't afford anything, but one top that I spent all my allowance on. I still have that top today, it is by DKNY. I paid almost $100 for it. My first job right out of high school was a SA at Neiman Marcus where I employed for all four years through out my college. I worked in different departments through out those four years, but most of my time spent working in the lady handbag department, and the last year of my employment at Neiman Marcus I worked in lady shoes that's how I became a shoes addict too.
During my H.S or early college years, my favorite labels would be like Banana Republic, The Limited, BCBG, Ann Taylor, Rebecca Taylor, Theory, Ellen Tracy. I would buy a top here and there at Bebe, but I was never a big fan of the brand. I was super conservative. I have three older sisters, but only one would allow me to share her wardrobe. When I started my first job at Neiman working as a partime SA, and I pretty much spent my paycheck there:). I always find great deals during the last call sales and my 30% and sometime 30%+10% sale on top on the last marked prices which made them cheaper than i would get the lower quality merchandises anywhere else. I did not buy lots of designer items, but only one or two pieces each season when I find them on sale during the store lastcall sale which goes on twice a year.

Cloth and shoes are getting more and more expensive, especially on clothng items. I feel that the prices are increasing everyday, but the quality is lowering. I know they have to do that to keep their margin just like what I do at my job. I am more drawn into the nice desginer pieces because of their cut, intricate details, and you can always find them on sale at the end of the season. I don't really buy anything unless I absolutely love it, and the price is affordable enough that even if I only buy one dress every six months, I will still be happy with it.
If I have choose between having nice shoes or clothes, I would go with nice shoes and less expensive clothes because you can always make the outfit work with a nice pair of shoes if you know how to put them together.

I have a weakness for lace and/or sheath dress, or anything with draping details. Right now, i am into more neutral colors or something bold as well. I don't own a red dress and that maybe something I would love to add to my wardrobe next year. Usually, I have my eyes on the items at the beginning of the season then watch and wait for them to go onsale. Of course, being that each dress costs at least $1500 to over $2000, I only buy if they are super discounted like they can't get any cheaper. If I decide that I dont want it, I can always ebay and get my $$$ back. Very seldom I would buy a clothing item at its original retail price.
The above dress are from Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011, they are not runway items, but almost the entire Dolce & Gabbana spring 2011 runway collection consists of all white lace, so pretty, so soft and romantic. I particularly like clothes from line Dolce & Gabbana because of it form fitting silhouette, Donna Karen for its draping details, other than that I taste is pretty electics. I like pretty much anything as long as it is well made, the cut is nice and great and unique fabric, and of course fit well.

Giambattista Valli, I can't drink too much wearing this dress because if I need to use the restroom, I can't pull my dress up, I have to pull my dress from top down and with that big collar attached to the dress, it will be lots of work.YSL
  • Okay so the white Jil Sander beauty came, and she looks much better in person than on photo, size 34 and fits me perfectly without any alteration needed. I love when dress fits me like this. One thing I want to mention though, the dress as I have seen at Neiman Marcus store back in July during their lastcall sale and this dress is made of totally different materials. I didn't bother to try it on because my size was not available. Good thing is the one that I ordered at comes with the kind of material that I like especially for the ruffle part on the front. This time when I saw it onsale online at like 75% off and available in size 34 so I had to snatch it up right away
  • I am going to California on Saturday for a week, exploring Napa, Sanfran and Southen California.
  • Beside, every blogger has been talking nonstop about Lanvin for HM on twitter, facebook, so much advertisement for Lanvin and HM. I wish I can check out the collection in person to touch and feel the fabric, hopefully the quality is better than that of the regular H&M stuffs. For price point of over $200 for a dress from H&M, it better be. One thing I must say that be expexting to run into other ladies in your area wearing the exac same dress at the up coming holidays patry if you live near a H&M store that carries this collection. That would be the only reason why I don't care to own a piece from the this line. Only after couple of hours after the launch, there are thousands of pieces on ebay for a much marked up prices. People see the demand for this and there is a chance to make some cash from people who has to have a dress from this collection and willing to pay more for it because they don't live near H&M or didn't get a chance to get to one before everyone grabbed them all for themselves and their friends. Well, I don't have anything H&M or Lanvin, but if I''d much rather save up to buy the real deal. I see Neiman Marcus has them onsale, just have to pay more:(.
  • The land is a go, will be closing after my trip next week back from California.
  • Beside, anyone plan on shopping black Friay after thanks giving sale? if I live near a nice saks, I would, but the saks by me does not carry anything nice, all the shoes are kind of old ladies and I don't care to have.
  • I'll miss my company Christmas party this year and we are having at the Mansion on Turtle Creek. I will be flying home on the evening of the party so I probably will just meet them up for after party, one positive thing is I will be given gift card for two to dine out at restaurant of my choice:). I was thinking about wearing the black YSL jacket above with my Chanel skirt and black patent sky high Christina Louboutin pumps, but now that I am not going, it will wait for another special occasion to wear
  • I own so many black everything, and I promise myself I will not buy anothe black dress unless it's something really pretty and somehow I always end up with more black. I move away from black several years ago and however I do not own anything too bold neither, mostly neutral color scheme. I sure love white. I dont mind light and pale pink, I love nude, Ivory, white, green, any darker shade of pink like hot pink will not have my name attached to it. I also love big bold and wild print.
  • I'll be going to a weding on 4th, so I will wear the black Giambattista Valli dress above with black CL pumps, black Chanel clutch and hot red lipstick. I went to a wedding this past weekend as well, but knowing me I don't usually take any photos. I will try to take photo of the outfit next time to share.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

something old and something new

I had on my orange necklace I bought from Neiman Marcus this past summer, but it's too heavy to I took it off and put in my clutch. Size 34, fits me quite nice. Now the ruffle is made of some foaming material, I have to find a special dry cleaning place for this dress.
Jil Sander Spring 2010 (love it)

I let go some of the items that I no longer want in my closet to trade for this beauty. I promise myself, if I buy something new, I must get rid of something in my closet to save space. It's a good way to recycle and not having to spend additional money:).

Aside from this, I took myself off of Facebook for good. I just can't stand being connected to a handlful of house wives who have nothing to do than being nosy and goship about other people all day long. Aside from that a handful of unhappy devorced women who constantly feeding my daily read with nothing but negative comments either cursing and talking about others' business directly or indirectly. I honestly have no time for people like this in my life and I am too old for these HS acts. I am a fairly straight forward if I dont like someone, I will just ignore them and exclude them in my life, or if I care about someone enough and I am unhappy with something they do I would talk to them directly. I am an open book.

Every morning I drive to work passing by the house that is currently under construction, I see a crew of workers started working already making me so happy that it will be no time until I will move in with my brother's in his new bachelor pad. In about a year or two, probably will have something built as well, currently still negotiating on the nice lot and looking at the what floor plan I want. Lastnight, we spoke with the architechture and as soon as we settle on the lot, we will have him get started on the drawing immediately:). The most important room in the house will be my huge closet with lots of shoes and hanging space, wood floor and enough to put a sofa and nice small coffee table:), let's it be my dream for now, but I will make it reality, just matter of time:).

Monday, November 15, 2010

saving for the future

Modern/Contemporary house Designed by Quoc Vu, build by Denco Builder by Quoc Vu

My brother is a builder and he is building his own home. It's a modern contemporary house with lots of wow factors, spiral stainless steel and glass stair case, lots of glass and huge commericial glass windows all around the house, all stucco, white brick and stone.

I am saving up and looking for a lot and will have my brother build a house someday. Found a nice lot, close to 15,000 square feet lot, hopefully the negotiation process will go through and the seller will accept our offer.

A sneak peak of my brother's new bachelor pad. I may use the same floor plan and modifying the lay out. I can't wait to see his finished product. Time to focus more into bigger investment and future and I guess no more new shoes or dress:( but I feel like I have enough clothes to last me for the next 5 years:).

Friday, November 5, 2010

my wish list

I got a flyer from Neiman Marcus earlier this week about their up coming first call sale online and instore. I already have few itesm on my wish list. Marc by March Jacob lace top and Marc & Camilla leather jacket. Hope they will be included in the 40% sale.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I saw these costumes on these two models and I would love something like that for Halloween, but I was unable to find something similiar which was decent. I would say this would be my first choice.
I think this is cool and sexy, but I just don't have the courage to dress like that and walking out in public plus I look horrible with that blonde wig:)

This would be my second choice only if I could do the face paint make up that look as good as this.

I went through different make up tutorials do the cat make up and all sort of other dramatic make up, wiped off my face with make up remover several times, and I gave up trying to look different. I ended up dressing like MJ look except I was missing one white glove:). In the pic I wore:
Black legging
black Oscar De la Renta sweater
Christian Louboutin Fringe boots
Hat from Forever21 purchased last year

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I love anything white and some soft color blouses and dresses

I love all white and Ivory dresses, blouses. White makes me feel pure, and soft pink like the dress above makes me feel soft,pretty and romantic. I especially love draping details on tops, skirts and dresses.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I don't always go couture

As much as I love designers and couture, I don't like to look fancy on daily basis. The fancy designer and couture are more for special occasion. For everyday and casual stuffs, I particularly love Theory, Vince, J-crew and few other brands when I find cute things that are reasonably priced. I ordered a pair of khaki skimmer pants from last week, it arrived on Thursday and I am wearing it now, I love how it fit and how very comfy and casual it feels--> the result, call me crazy if you want, but I ordered three more pairs in three different colors. I can't beat the sale price of $14.99. The total cost for three pairs of pants come to $57 which included tax and shipping. Regular price $69.99. Here they are:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Awaiting for my goodies to arrive and Nha-Khanh's Debut show

Jil Sander

I attended Nha-Khanh's Debut fashion show lastnight at the Myerson Symphony Center in Dallas. The event turned out nicer than what I thought it would be. Lots of beautiful fashionistas were present at the event including some of my beautiful friends. I also met and made new friends as well. For the event, I wore black Jil Sander dress from Fall 2009 collection, necklace from Nordstrom and Giusepi Zanotti. Beside, I've been cutting back and realistically speaking slacking off with my work out routine, these days I don't do as hard-core, just three days a week and less weight, less intense. I want to start a new work out routine again to prepare myself for a photo shoot before my next birthday:) in 2011.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

who wore it better?

Dress: RM, Roland Mouret Spring 2010
Shoes: Lace up Christian Louboutins Booties
Clutch: Chloe
Necklace: from Neiman Marcus.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Donna Karan Fall 2007

I bought this dress shirt two years ago, and wore it for the first time several weeks ago at Fashion with a Passion event with my beautiful girl friends.

Friday, October 15, 2010

J-Crew 30% sale

Giambasttita Valli Pencil Skirt, it fits like it was made specifically for me. I love pencil skirt. It is essential in any working women's wardrobe.

Osca De La Renta Sweater, 100% cashmere. It feels so good on. I think $200 for a sweater is still a bit much considering a deep discount, but the drop on the back is so unique and beautiful, more over I can wear it more than one ways. I decided to keep the sweater.

J-Crew Calista Cami in Taupe on sale $27.99 check to order your yours

This J-crew gold necklace would go perfectly with the gold accent on the RM dress I have, and only $17 after 30% sale. It's also vailable in white, but I think all gold version looks better.

This is great with jeans, Capri below tucked in. Love the soft silk of all J-crew blouses. I am a big fan.

I love ruffle anything, and love the print on this blouse too. Would be great with capri, skinny jeans or black pencil skirt. Another $27 deal
It's my first time ordering pants from Jcrew. Let's see how they will fit me:). It's like a steal at $10.50 after the 30% discount:)

I love when J-crew has their additional 30% all sale items. Their blouses are great for work, it's nice to send to my besties as gift and not having to pay too much:). When Juicy Boy-short goes on sale at, I stock up for myself and use them as gifts to my besties and nieces.