Wednesday, November 17, 2010

something old and something new

I had on my orange necklace I bought from Neiman Marcus this past summer, but it's too heavy to I took it off and put in my clutch. Size 34, fits me quite nice. Now the ruffle is made of some foaming material, I have to find a special dry cleaning place for this dress.
Jil Sander Spring 2010 (love it)

I let go some of the items that I no longer want in my closet to trade for this beauty. I promise myself, if I buy something new, I must get rid of something in my closet to save space. It's a good way to recycle and not having to spend additional money:).

Aside from this, I took myself off of Facebook for good. I just can't stand being connected to a handlful of house wives who have nothing to do than being nosy and goship about other people all day long. Aside from that a handful of unhappy devorced women who constantly feeding my daily read with nothing but negative comments either cursing and talking about others' business directly or indirectly. I honestly have no time for people like this in my life and I am too old for these HS acts. I am a fairly straight forward if I dont like someone, I will just ignore them and exclude them in my life, or if I care about someone enough and I am unhappy with something they do I would talk to them directly. I am an open book.

Every morning I drive to work passing by the house that is currently under construction, I see a crew of workers started working already making me so happy that it will be no time until I will move in with my brother's in his new bachelor pad. In about a year or two, probably will have something built as well, currently still negotiating on the nice lot and looking at the what floor plan I want. Lastnight, we spoke with the architechture and as soon as we settle on the lot, we will have him get started on the drawing immediately:). The most important room in the house will be my huge closet with lots of shoes and hanging space, wood floor and enough to put a sofa and nice small coffee table:), let's it be my dream for now, but I will make it reality, just matter of time:).