Monday, November 14, 2011

Shop Smart-shop Designer.

I strongly believe in less is more when it comes to fashion means buying less quantity, but higher quality items. I am picky even with under garments, but because I shop smart and know when to buy & where to buy I hardly ever paid retail for most of the things I buy

I don't pay retail on clothing items because they always go on sale or you probably can find something similiar elsewhere for less. Things that you should splurge on and buying at retail prices are classic shoes /handbags beause they almost never go on sale. These items also go up in prices every six months or so.

I do lots of online shopping, and sites that I visited frequently or when I receive email alert about a special sale (usually additional discount offered on top of the sale prices) are:

If there are some bags or shoes items that you really want, and know that they are classic items that never go on sale you can try to save money by buying them when the site/store offers gift card promotion event. Neiman Marcus online retail store and store do that couple of times a year, its like buying that classic items at 30% off when you spend $1000 and get $300 gift card.

Stell McCartney Coat as seen on model below. Christian Louboutin peeptoes lace up booties. I don't follow trend or chase down the trend on the runway. Even when I buy runway items, they tend to look more classic and not trendy. There are/were many trends that come and go that I don't care to be seen in. I don't just wear or buy something because they are In simply because I do not want to be a fashion victim or fall into the category" bad clothes happen to good people" . I must say that these boots are one of the unsual items, but surprisingly they go with almost everything in my closet. I got them few years ago and still very much in love with these shoes today as much as I love them the first day I bought them.

Stella McCartney pants from Retail $595, I paid $125. I can see myself pairing this pair of pants with so many things from my closet for next Spring.

Stella McCartney Resort 2011. I purchased this coat this past summer at Neiman Marcus store during their semi annual sale.