Monday, November 15, 2010

saving for the future

Modern/Contemporary house Designed by Quoc Vu, build by Denco Builder by Quoc Vu

My brother is a builder and he is building his own home. It's a modern contemporary house with lots of wow factors, spiral stainless steel and glass stair case, lots of glass and huge commericial glass windows all around the house, all stucco, white brick and stone.

I am saving up and looking for a lot and will have my brother build a house someday. Found a nice lot, close to 15,000 square feet lot, hopefully the negotiation process will go through and the seller will accept our offer.

A sneak peak of my brother's new bachelor pad. I may use the same floor plan and modifying the lay out. I can't wait to see his finished product. Time to focus more into bigger investment and future and I guess no more new shoes or dress:( but I feel like I have enough clothes to last me for the next 5 years:).