Monday, November 22, 2010

Giambattista Valli, I can't drink too much wearing this dress because if I need to use the restroom, I can't pull my dress up, I have to pull my dress from top down and with that big collar attached to the dress, it will be lots of work.YSL
  • Okay so the white Jil Sander beauty came, and she looks much better in person than on photo, size 34 and fits me perfectly without any alteration needed. I love when dress fits me like this. One thing I want to mention though, the dress as I have seen at Neiman Marcus store back in July during their lastcall sale and this dress is made of totally different materials. I didn't bother to try it on because my size was not available. Good thing is the one that I ordered at comes with the kind of material that I like especially for the ruffle part on the front. This time when I saw it onsale online at like 75% off and available in size 34 so I had to snatch it up right away
  • I am going to California on Saturday for a week, exploring Napa, Sanfran and Southen California.
  • Beside, every blogger has been talking nonstop about Lanvin for HM on twitter, facebook, so much advertisement for Lanvin and HM. I wish I can check out the collection in person to touch and feel the fabric, hopefully the quality is better than that of the regular H&M stuffs. For price point of over $200 for a dress from H&M, it better be. One thing I must say that be expexting to run into other ladies in your area wearing the exac same dress at the up coming holidays patry if you live near a H&M store that carries this collection. That would be the only reason why I don't care to own a piece from the this line. Only after couple of hours after the launch, there are thousands of pieces on ebay for a much marked up prices. People see the demand for this and there is a chance to make some cash from people who has to have a dress from this collection and willing to pay more for it because they don't live near H&M or didn't get a chance to get to one before everyone grabbed them all for themselves and their friends. Well, I don't have anything H&M or Lanvin, but if I''d much rather save up to buy the real deal. I see Neiman Marcus has them onsale, just have to pay more:(.
  • The land is a go, will be closing after my trip next week back from California.
  • Beside, anyone plan on shopping black Friay after thanks giving sale? if I live near a nice saks, I would, but the saks by me does not carry anything nice, all the shoes are kind of old ladies and I don't care to have.
  • I'll miss my company Christmas party this year and we are having at the Mansion on Turtle Creek. I will be flying home on the evening of the party so I probably will just meet them up for after party, one positive thing is I will be given gift card for two to dine out at restaurant of my choice:). I was thinking about wearing the black YSL jacket above with my Chanel skirt and black patent sky high Christina Louboutin pumps, but now that I am not going, it will wait for another special occasion to wear
  • I own so many black everything, and I promise myself I will not buy anothe black dress unless it's something really pretty and somehow I always end up with more black. I move away from black several years ago and however I do not own anything too bold neither, mostly neutral color scheme. I sure love white. I dont mind light and pale pink, I love nude, Ivory, white, green, any darker shade of pink like hot pink will not have my name attached to it. I also love big bold and wild print.
  • I'll be going to a weding on 4th, so I will wear the black Giambattista Valli dress above with black CL pumps, black Chanel clutch and hot red lipstick. I went to a wedding this past weekend as well, but knowing me I don't usually take any photos. I will try to take photo of the outfit next time to share.


  1. Have a good time in Cali. I, myself is actually at the airport ready to depart to So Cal :)

    Would love to see photos when you're back.

  2. have fun in California and hopefully there will be some Lanvin pieces left at H&M! oooh, and you're missing a party at the Mansion on Turtle Creek?! I've never been but I've heard it's just gorgeous!

    and thank you so much for checking out my blog! my readers mean the world to me and it's great knowing that there's another Dallas blogger out there! :)