Monday, April 20, 2009

Most recent FFF

The dress is nice and verry simple, I thought if I spice it up a little pairing with this jewl Carolina Herrera belt that will be unique. I am going to several wedding the next couple of months, and one this next weekend. The reception will be held at a very nice hotel ballroom so I want to dress a little more special. I found Carlos Miele long gown as above picture in size 6, yet the intriciate detail made it hard to get it taken in, darn if only if size 4 was available that would be perfect. Decision, decision!!!

I probably found more than just this one FFF, but most of the FFF I found recent has been shoes and I do not have pictures of.

The most recent FFF: Stelle McCartney dress from Fall 2008 collection.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I went to California this past weekend to attend a wedding with Thao. We met up with a friend of my friend, he took us out on Friday night and drove us to La Guna beach on Saturday afternoon. The weather was perfect, look at the scenery in the back ground.