Monday, November 22, 2010

Who or what influence your taste/style in fashion?

This pair of shoes is gorgeous, but at a hefty price tag of $3400? well, not so much. I've heard they are not very comfortable. There is a similiar pair at which is much less $595, and it is glittered and not crystal pumps like this one as seen here. I don't mind spending a couple of hundreds, but when it gets to thousands for one pair of shoes, it is only good to adnire them on others or on photo or from afar:) This has got to be the highest heels I have in my closet. These are 5.5 inches. I can't believe CL made pumps and other shoes that are 160mm which equivalent to 6.5 inches. Well, guess what? enjoy all the high heels I want now because I do not need to carry a diaper bag or a baby, all my married friends and sisters don't wear this type of shoes anymore and I understand why.

Dolce & Gabban dress from, so pretty but not when it is $2250

This go perfect with my black pumps, I love the heart neckline. It can be found at, $1650.

Honestly, I love the black and white dresses above, but I can live without them because I have plenty of items look similiar to that, but I do not own any red dress yet so I can admire this for now, and keep my eyes out for the super saks sale later this summer. It is a new item just arrive at their online store so I dont expect for it to get marked down until sometime in 2011. Good thing is also carry the same item, when there are more of them in the market, the chance of getting one of them at super discount sale is bigger:). I am off to the gym now.

I am not too proud of my expensive taste because someime I feel like I am becoming more and more materialistic , but I can't help it. I either spend to buy something really nice and I really like or I won't buy anything. You want to know what has created this expensive taste and a monster in me? I am the youngest in the family of seven siblings, and so often they gave me allowance to spend because they didn't want me to start working until I finish HS. My first expensive shopping experience was at Neiman Marcus, my church and H.S friend took me there, and I couldn't afford anything, but one top that I spent all my allowance on. I still have that top today, it is by DKNY. I paid almost $100 for it. My first job right out of high school was a SA at Neiman Marcus where I employed for all four years through out my college. I worked in different departments through out those four years, but most of my time spent working in the lady handbag department, and the last year of my employment at Neiman Marcus I worked in lady shoes that's how I became a shoes addict too.
During my H.S or early college years, my favorite labels would be like Banana Republic, The Limited, BCBG, Ann Taylor, Rebecca Taylor, Theory, Ellen Tracy. I would buy a top here and there at Bebe, but I was never a big fan of the brand. I was super conservative. I have three older sisters, but only one would allow me to share her wardrobe. When I started my first job at Neiman working as a partime SA, and I pretty much spent my paycheck there:). I always find great deals during the last call sales and my 30% and sometime 30%+10% sale on top on the last marked prices which made them cheaper than i would get the lower quality merchandises anywhere else. I did not buy lots of designer items, but only one or two pieces each season when I find them on sale during the store lastcall sale which goes on twice a year.

Cloth and shoes are getting more and more expensive, especially on clothng items. I feel that the prices are increasing everyday, but the quality is lowering. I know they have to do that to keep their margin just like what I do at my job. I am more drawn into the nice desginer pieces because of their cut, intricate details, and you can always find them on sale at the end of the season. I don't really buy anything unless I absolutely love it, and the price is affordable enough that even if I only buy one dress every six months, I will still be happy with it.
If I have choose between having nice shoes or clothes, I would go with nice shoes and less expensive clothes because you can always make the outfit work with a nice pair of shoes if you know how to put them together.

I have a weakness for lace and/or sheath dress, or anything with draping details. Right now, i am into more neutral colors or something bold as well. I don't own a red dress and that maybe something I would love to add to my wardrobe next year. Usually, I have my eyes on the items at the beginning of the season then watch and wait for them to go onsale. Of course, being that each dress costs at least $1500 to over $2000, I only buy if they are super discounted like they can't get any cheaper. If I decide that I dont want it, I can always ebay and get my $$$ back. Very seldom I would buy a clothing item at its original retail price.
The above dress are from Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011, they are not runway items, but almost the entire Dolce & Gabbana spring 2011 runway collection consists of all white lace, so pretty, so soft and romantic. I particularly like clothes from line Dolce & Gabbana because of it form fitting silhouette, Donna Karen for its draping details, other than that I taste is pretty electics. I like pretty much anything as long as it is well made, the cut is nice and great and unique fabric, and of course fit well.


  1. I am w/ you on rather paying more on shoes than on clothes! I'm obsess w/ shoes..esp pretty red soles ;) && 5.5 heels, love them.

    And yes, you m ust let me know when you do come to Boston! A small town w/ so much to do :)

    I'll be in So Cal so keep me posted & enjoy your week visit!

  2. Left a comment on your Nov 9, 2009 post so I won't repeat it here. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like your style so I hope you will continue to visit my blog.

  3. i am saving up on my very first CL shoes. haha!!! those babies are expensive but i most definitely worth my investment ;P

    hope you come visit my blog and follow too if you liked it! thanks dear


  4. Those black pumps are fantastic! And I love the black dress as well. :-)