Monday, March 28, 2011

I can't stand this shoes from CL.

I don't know about you, you dont have to agree with me but I personally think that these are the ugliest shoes ever from Christian Louboutin. I love CL for the height they provide me with, but I must admit that most CL shoes are not comfortable. These Lady Daf are just too bulky for any pettie frames. There is a limit to how high a pair of shoes should be, when they go beyond that max height they just look cheap, bulky, slutty and ugly altogether.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

latest fabulous finds

This is my latest splurge. I had my eyes on them the first time I saw them on the Christian Louboutin blog, and I had my names on waited list at the only two stores in the U.S that have these beauties. Luckily I was able to get them in my size, they run a bit big, I am usually 35 or sometime 35.5 in most CL shoes, but for this one I had to go down half a size to 34.5. They are not the most comfortable pair of shoes in my shoes closet, but I don't mind that at all because since when sexy is comfy? No shoes that are 5 inches heels will last you for hours and hours without hurting your feet, these are definitely the shoes that required valet parking if you go out in them:). So don't expect to be wearing them and dance in them all night long:) If you are looking for that then these are not the ones for you:).

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Health fitness

Although the add featuring Brook Burke's supe hot bod states that only fifteen minutes of the same exercises as shown on above picture will give you a sexier body, It is however not that simple. Let's be real, Brook Burke has always been active all her life, I had never not seen her looking super hot, and it takes years of intensive exercises and healthy diet to get that body. Even if your goal is not to get that body, it will take months of high intensive exercises and healthy diet to even see results, let's alone getting a firm bod and abs like that:(
I've been serious about health and fitness for the past two years. I worked with a trainer for a year and half, and for the past 6 months I have been doing it on my own. I set my fitness goal high, and I am almost there, however that very very thin last layer on the lower abdominal is the hardest to get rid of. My oblique muscles show, and the mid line on the abdominal muscle is more defined now, If I keep at the same pace and diet that I am currently on for the next month or so, the summer bod would have to happen, and this would be my first summer with the bod/abs that I always wanted for so long:).

I hardly eat rice, like only once a month. My diet is fruit and protein for breakfast, snack throughout the day, and clean veggies and chicken soup for dinner. Exercises I do include 45 mins to one hour of light weight focusing on one major muscle and one small muscle group a day, 20 mins abs-core, and cardio (30 mins on the treadmill) every other day. I don't work out everyday, but I try to do it at least four times a week.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From the runway to my closet

The runway items I had my eyes on for months slowly made it to my closet. I ended up buying two out of three itesm I had my eyes on from Lela Rose Fall 2010 runway collection. The first one is a beautiful Ivory one shoulder dress, the second one is a beautiful deep red one shoulder dress.
Here you can see who wore it better?)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Theory that feels like Chanel:)

Theory has got to be the best office wardrobe for all pettite women. The fit and cut of their suits are amazing. I bought this suit back in 2004 so it's about 6-7 years old now, and I still love it as much as the first day I owned it. Seriously this skirt has the Chanel flare because of the fit and the nice tweed/wool material so despite of the suit being Theory, I felt very Chanel every I wear it:). It has gone with me to many client meetings, church functions and yes funeral. The best part about this suit was, its retail price was little over $1000, and I got it for only little over $400.

Not all Chanel suits are great, but I've seen some great suits from Chanel. I always wanted a Chanel suit, but I can't afford the hefty price tags. I purchased a Chanel pencil skirt two years ago, and for the skirt alone it already cost me little over $400. For a pencil skirt, I think it's alot, but I loved it so much although I think it's so overpriced, I still purchased the skirt. I really wanted the matching jacket, but I couldn't see myself paying close to $1500 for a jacket that was already 60% off retail price so I let go of the jacket and only purchased the skirt. For anything that is over 2 years old, there is no way or no where the merchandise can be found so ebay is the only solution. Lately, I've been trying to search ebay to see if I can find that jacket that I let go of, and I haven't had any luck with it. In the mean time, I am just settling for my pretty, well fit Theory suit that really feels like Chanel. Not to mention the wide leather belt that comes with the suit is amazing, it is removable and can be worn with so many other jackets and skirt to create a whole new look. Afterall I am not really settling I guess:).