Sunday, October 31, 2010


I saw these costumes on these two models and I would love something like that for Halloween, but I was unable to find something similiar which was decent. I would say this would be my first choice.
I think this is cool and sexy, but I just don't have the courage to dress like that and walking out in public plus I look horrible with that blonde wig:)

This would be my second choice only if I could do the face paint make up that look as good as this.

I went through different make up tutorials do the cat make up and all sort of other dramatic make up, wiped off my face with make up remover several times, and I gave up trying to look different. I ended up dressing like MJ look except I was missing one white glove:). In the pic I wore:
Black legging
black Oscar De la Renta sweater
Christian Louboutin Fringe boots
Hat from Forever21 purchased last year