Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I heart heart heart Osca Dela Renta

I saw this at Neiman Marcus lastcall and I heart heart heart this gown. It looks even better in person and on. Seriously if I was to get married next month, I would buy this dress in a heart beat, it could be worn as my second and reception gown. Every bride wears a genetic/traditional white gown at the wedding, for me I would wear white gown at church ceremony and I would wear this as my reception dress. I wouldn't care what others have to say about not wearing white...it's so beautiful so why not wearing it for the entire night? well...well, maybe I will come accross something this pretty again if I will get married someday:). I hope I don't sound desperate like I so want to get married, I probably sound like I am more interested in wearing a beautiful gown I guess:). I don't have a glam0rous job or attend any glamorous black tie function where this dress would steal the show and be appropriate for...so all I could think of is my future wedding reception hahahah:). Hope you find this humorous.