Thursday, October 29, 2009

If you have to choose?

1) choice #1: Peep toe lace up Christian louboutins pumps 1075, on sale for $500

2) Choice # 2: Christian Louboutins fringe boots: $1575 on sale for $800

I am a classic pumps kind of girl, but sometime it is fun to go outside of my comfort zone. Its hard to make decision when you go shopping for shoes and you try on the one of a kind pair of shoes with the wrong outfit. It could make it hard to picture if the shooes would actually look good on with some of your outfits in your closet.
I went shoes shopping this week and I saw these two pairs of shoes in my size, I immediately went for the black suede boots, then I was browsing on Jack & Jil blog and I stumpled accross the lace up peep toe pumps today and now I am so confused...I wish I could spend another $500 to get the other one as well, but its not always that easy when you already set a limit on how much you could spend on fun things for the month.....what do do, which one to keep????