Monday, July 13, 2009

How my new items look on me

1) The denim Jacket is D-square, I got it at It looks much better on in person than the picture. Not like I would get any use of these purchases now in this heat, but they were definitely great deals to wear in the upcoming fall and winter
2) The brown leathr jacket is by Prada: I wish it was in black instead since I already have a nice decent brown/caramel leather jacket. It fits so well, and the deal was too good to let it go. The sale lady told me that for fall 2009, Prada will come out with almost the same style jacket.
The reason I always buy classic items are because: they last me forever. I always save up and wait until the items on sale to spend money toward a more valuable classic item. Well, at least I now have two new jackets waiting for me this up coming fall and winter.

Things I regret I didn't buy

Giuseppe Zanotti

I saw these shoes when I was in Boston last months; the store I went to had a great sale going on at the time, and no sale tax neither, but they didn't have my size, however I should have asked them to locate my size from another store for me.
I began to appreciate nice designer shoes couples of years ago....and ever since then I only buy nice designer shoes, and of course I always had to wait until the end of the season to buy them or else I wouldn't be able to afford them at retail price. I am shoes addict:(