Friday, December 4, 2009

It meant to be--Burberry Prorsum

Spring 2007 is the first season Burberry launched the upper line Burberry Prorsum. The above lace dress is Burberry Prorsum from Spring 2007. The dress was retailed for over $3000, I bought the dress in June 2007 @ 70% off sale at the Burberry store during my trip to NYC that year, size 36 was too tight, and size 38 was a bit tight as well and for some reason I just didn't love it as much when I brought it home so I sold it to my friend Sandy.

I am so into lace these days, and I am telling you Lace is going strong next spring as well so keep all your lace pieces. I am in search of lace dress so I decided to search ebay, I ran into this dress again and for someone reasons I am now so in love with it is on its way to me:). I paid a little less than what I paid for at the Burberry store two years ago, however it's ebay which means no return and also the dress is from few seasons ago....but it's still very lovely:)

Call me crazy, but I am kind of excited to get the dress again:). Wish I took a full shot of Sandy in the dress....Sandy wore the dress to wedding and to go out with me and couple of friends two years ago:)