Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fabulous Fashion Finds on ebay

I did some major spring cleaning today and I am letting go lots of very nice, good quality, and cute items from my closet to make space for the new ones or simple because I can't fit in them anymore. Some items are brand new, and some are pre-owned, but they are like new because I probably only wore it once.

I have more items to post up on ebay, and I will in the up coming week.


Above is one of the items and you can see the rest of the items if you click " to see other items". I will be posting more cute items next week.

Lace lover

Alexander McQueen Spring 2009
Alexander McQueen Spring 2009
Prada Fall 2008
Prada Fall 2008

Prada Fall 2008
I have a special love for lace; I love everything lace from undergarment to an evening dress. La Perla makes perfect and sexy lace undergarment; it makes my not sexy figure so much sexier so I love them:). I love every Prada Fall 2008 runway piece, I would own all of them if I can afford them all:)
The two Alexander McQueen dresses above are to die for. I love the structure of the dress. I think it would be very nice if it was made in the same textured lace material as seen on Prada. I have a friend who is a great designer; I think I am going to have her made a dress for me similiar to one of these:)

Work function/dinner

I'll be attending company function/dinner tomorrow at the Mansion in Dallas, and I guess this will be work appropriate. Originally, the front portion of dress is one piece, but because it runs a bit big and I have to get it tailored (since I have disproportional body, my back/torso tends to be shorter than my legs, so often I have to get the top portion shortened on some of the sheath dresses) so the front portion of the dress now has a seamline. I got the dress on sale, but I had to get it tailored to fit me better so the dredd ended up not such a great deal after all:(, but still only fraction of the original retail price:)
Dress: YSL blouson sheath dress from Fall 2007
Shoes: Lace Christian Louboutins
Belt: random belt purchased from Saks.
I guess I should borrow my sister's black pearl necklace to complete the look and wear a skinny black belt as well:)