Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fabulous Black Friday Finds

Elizabeth & James Snake skin pattern pumps. Reg $375, I paid $135.50Christian Louboutin Delic pumps in dark red wine color, reg price $695, I paid $175.50

These are my Black Fabulous Friday finds from Saks at Dallas Galleria store. I went to return a face cream this past Tuesday at Saks, while I was in the store I browsed around the shoes department and ran into these beauties.
Every year for After Thanks Giving and Christmas sales, Saks offers 50% off on sale items from 8A.M until Noon so have your debit card/credit card ready. By way, I only shop on cash, I'm not a big fan of credit card because I would still have to pay back so might as well just pay cash for what I buy. My credit card is only for purpose like car rental and such. When rentinf a car, I have to use a credit card, not a debit card.

I am sure everyone waits until Friday to go shopping, but for me knowing that the store will have the sale, I ask the sale person to hold the items I find prior to the big sale to be rung up on the sale day. This way I don't have to fight the traffic, find parking, and getting to the store super early for the sale and/or risk a chance of someone else spot the items before I get there. Saks in Dallas does not carry lots of desginers, or any fun and interesting shoes. I think the CL pumps were someone's return to the store, and surprising they were on sale.
As you can tell I love to shop. I love clothes and shoes, but I am also very passionate about fitness. I trained with a trainer for over a year, and I can be a trainer myself at this point. All I need is a certification to train. I get approached by lots of trainers and mangers at the gym to ask if I ever thought of becoming a trainer? and that I should get my cert and training part time.
I am 5 ft 2 inches and weight 110lbs....I don't look it, but I am. I can do pull ups, push ups. I never tried to do until I collapse to see how many I can do. But my co-worker wouldnt dare to take on the push ups challange with me for HH drinks for eveyrone in the office:).
It's Thanks Giving day, but I am getting ready to head to the gym this morning, working on back and biceps today. I had a full legs work out yesterday.
You would think Ia m always decked out in desginer dresses and heels, but the truth is I'm most comfortablet in my work out gear. I only dress up for special occasion.
Happy thanks giving everyone, and hope you all find great black friday deals. Do share about what you find.


  1. hey, thanks for droppin by my blog.

    omg, you only got those CL pumps for $175.50? i'm jealous! lol.


  2. oh wow those are good deals on Christian Louboutin.

  3. Nice deals on the CL