Thursday, August 20, 2009

Think ahead.

I am doing pretty good keeping up with my blog huh:). Well, I update almost daily although I have almost no reader:) hahahaha, LOL.

Well, I'll have a wedding to go to next month, and I'd like to know ahead what I'll be wearing so I know I am set on the attire for the event and not having to hunt for anything. Knowing me, I probably will change my choice toward the end anyways, but it's good to come up with few options to choose from:
1) Ellen Tracy beaded dress, it is at least 10 years, Manolo Blahnik jewl sandals
2) Dolce & Gabbana dress
I will pick either one of these or something else in my closet to wear to the reception, and for the ceremony at church, I'll wear my old D&G gray dress.