Friday, October 8, 2010

work out gear

My favorite work out gear has always been Nike DRIFIT pants, their sport bra is the best too. At $40 each, you can find them at almost any Nike outlets. I have them in all colors available at the store. Me doing plank; it is a good work out for balance and core.

when something is meant to be for you, it will be yours in the the end

I came accross this beaty two months ago at Neiman Marcus at Willow Bend Mall in Plano in size 6. I wanted it, but I thought it was still a bit too pricey plus it was not in the right size. If I was going to pay so much for a dress, it better fits right without having to alter or do anything to it.

Earlier this week, I went to Neiman Lastcall at Grapevine and came across this beautty again, but this time in my perfect size, size 2. With the addtional 30% promotional went on at the time, I couldn't help but render my debit card out to so I can bring her home. My first RM, Roland Mouret dress. The color of this dres even goes perfect with my CL pumps that I bought while back and having hard time to find a perfect outfit to match the shoes, now she has a friend:)

Couple of weeks ago, Ms. Mandy, the pretty pettite elegant blogger texted me a pic of the dress she was trying on at the mall. She didn't want it because she already has it in white so I ended up purchasing the dress over the phone and it was shipped to me few days later. Thanks Mandy. Please allow me to present my two new beauties.