Friday, July 15, 2011

what's new?

I have two addictions:
1) I am addicted to working out. I am a healthy nut, I work out on an average 5 days a week which including 30 mins on the stair-master, 40 mins weight, and 20-25 mins abs. I eat supper healthy and do not consume sugar, cake if I do they come from natural sources like fruits. I barely eat rice although I am Asian.

2) I have weakness for pretty designer clothes and shoes. FI and I are in the process to start a house building process, and we have been trying to look for a perfect plan. We have purchased a plan earlier this year, but had to push back on the process because I thought the plan was too big, would be wasting money on property tax and ultilies. It's been very frustrating to find a perfect plan for our lot that also has all what we need. We finally found one, and if everything goes as plan, hopefully we will have our new house by next Spring 2012.

J-brand Jeans

Christian Louboutin Knee-high suede boots
Master closet: instead of having closet in the master, we modify it to make the master bigger, and our 5th bedroom will be connected to the master and will be converted into the closet for me:). He just knows me well and he always points out plan with small closet that may not be something I like. Such a considerate person:).

It's a perfect one story house so we'll modify the ceiling to be about 12' tall through out.