Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dry-cleaning cost

what is the most you ever pay to dry clean one single piece of clothes? I know dry cleaning a wedding gown may cost up to $1000 depend on the fabric and where you get it done as well, but what is the most you ever paid to dry clean one simple dress? I went to DD French in Dallas and they charged me $50 to dry clean one dress, and yes one dress. Because I paid a lot for the dress (it's a simple white cocktail sheath dress by Jil Sander that I wore recently and wanted to get it cleaned) so I didn't want to risk having other cleaner ruining my dress. I guess couture dress needs couture cleaning service. It's like the cost for some people to buy a brand new dress.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I can't resist

Here is how it looks on me. I think J-crew styled the model with that denim top totally kills the look of the this skirt, it looks so nice and luxurious and style with a denim button down shirt, totally ruins the look.

I couldn't resist the temptatation without checking the J-crew email about additional 40% off of the sale merchandise. I found the most beautiful mini skirt ever.

Monday, January 10, 2011

what I've been up to lately

I've been rather quiet and been on a shopping ban as of late. We have so many big expense to worry about in the up coming months so spending money on fun clothes or shoes are just not justifiable in my book at this point.
Yesterday, we had snow in dallas, it was not heavy enough to leave us with a day to work from home so here I am at work, but updating my blog:)
These picture was taken on a piece of land that was bought and hoping to start the building process in late Feb or early March as soon as our architect comes back from long trip and finalize the drawing so we can submit for city permit.

Me acting all goofy on a good day and on a snowie day on our lot and where our soon to be built excited, I am promised a drive in closet...can't hardly wait for the drive in closet, not just walk in:). The land is approximately 15000 sqf so we can put pretty much any house we want. We want modern feel and stucco exterior.