Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dolce & Gabbana from http://www.eluxury.com/, original price: $1495, on sale with additional 50% promotion going on right now: S374. I've been having some personal issues so I have not been in the mood to post anything. I ordered this dress from eluxury, and it should arrive today. I do lots of online shopping, and honestly the success rate is only 1:3. The clothes sometime look nice on the model and don't look that good on real people like me or you.
The dress came and it's a bit too big, and very unflattering on me so it's going back for sure.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What I wore

Dress: Donna Karen Fall 2007
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Headshot of me in the Juicy couture bathing suit top I ordered from Saks.com, it was a birthday to myself:). I love the way it looks, good choice for small bust gals like myself:). The toned arms don't happen naturally, it requires lots of motivation and dedication to the gym. I'd like to keep them tone and of course working hard to get the summer abs....
I would never get sick of wearing this lace number, its fabulous. Someone told me lastnight that it looks Chanel, I guess the lace gave it the old vintage Chanel look.

Dress: Milly for BG
Shoes: Christian Louboutin pumps

Dress: Jean Paul Gaultier
Shoes worn with dress, not pictured, Brian Atwood pumps
Sunglasses: Whitney by Tomford
Pearl necklace from Forever21, only $4.50 or even less:)
Belt: Fendi
Clutch carried with the outfit but not pictured, Prada clutch.

Friday, March 20, 2009

What I'll wear

It's been a pretty busy day for me, but everything has been good so far. I am little special since I share the same birthday with my boss so I left work a bit earlier than usual. I got my eye-brow waxed, and got a pedicure and manicure as well. I ate dinner early and hit the gym for 40 minutes.

I feel like a pathetic loser for being at the gym at 9pm on Friday night so I didn't want to stick around too long. I went home and cleaned up for another hour and now I am here updating my blog. I picked up my dress today from the tailor, above is a picture of the dress on the hanger. I did not like the belt that came with the dress so I had the dress taken in and remove the belt loop so I can wear it with and without the belt. I am thinking about rocking this number with Fendi belt, Prada clutch and Brian Atwood pumps or either Christian Louboutin pumps.

I am going to post picture of me in the dress tomorrow. Beside since I've been very good with working out and eating healthy, I rewarded myself with a new bathing suit. I have the bathing suit overnight so they can arrive on my BD (tomorrow). There were two different ones, Burberry and Juicy Couture, I had help froma friend, and she thinks I should go with the deep blue Juicy one, they look cute and different from all of the ones I already have. So I'll be waiting for the FedEx guy tomorrow:). I can always exchange for the white one in case I end up not liking the one I already ordered.
Which bathing suit do you think is a better buy? they are both the same price.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've been having busy work week this week with lots of projects are ramping up and new projects are in the pipeline. My hair is growing so fast, my chic bob is growing into a mommy bob now so I am getting my hair trimmed today afterwork. I'll probably go to the gym after getting my hair trimmed at the Salon, then I have to squeeze in sometime to get my eye-brow waxed and trimmed as well.

I also desperately need to get a pedi and mani as well, and I guess those have to wait until Friday evening or possibly Saturday after my body toning class at LA fitness, and in between those time before I meet Duy for dinner, I have to pick up his suit at the tailor, and pick up my dress at my tailor as well.

I have several good tailors that I use depending on the needs:
  • Natasha at Atelier Tailor in Plano: I must admit that she is very good, but she is not cheap, even on a very simple 5 minute job, she still charges me a lot so I only go to her for very difficult piece from now on.
  • Vu Tailor: he is highly reccommended to me from a good friend, he is just as good or could be better than Natasha, and he is a bit less expensive. I know for sure he is good with men suit because he does custom suit and I've seen his work. Let's see if Duy likes the way he fixes the suit on Saturday
  • Fine Tailor in Garland: I love chi. Trang and Trinh, they are very nice and very very good as well so take most of my stuffs to them, but it has not been anything that is majorly hard to do.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Donna Karen, a FFF from sometime ago

I got this dress sometime in the past, it is by Donna Karen from Fall 2007. I have not worn it out yet. Donna Karen usually runs big, but this particular style dress ran small, it was onsale and only size 6 was available. I thought it was going to be an easy fix, but my tailor charges me an additional $170 on top of what I paid for the dress so It ended up being pretty expensive.
On the side note, I've been trying to keep a steady work out routine for the past month. Summer time is just around the corner, it is important to have nice tone arms and legs, and of course the abs that I always wanted every summer, and yet to have it:). I love working out at the gym, it gives me so much energy, and also it keeps me busy after work and stay away from the mall:), well plus with all the beautiful clothes I have hanging in the closet, I need a beautiful tone body to rock them:).

Monday, March 16, 2009

Looking fabulous within your reach.

I am very particular when it comes to buying clothes or shoes because I've already invested a lot in my wardrobe in my early years, and at this point if it is not fab and within my reach I would not consider buying the item. I am not a millionaire or do I have a millionaire husband or boyfriend, and of course I have bills to pay like the most of you, but I love to shop, I love fashion, how do I build up my fabulous wardrobes without spending a fortune???

Let's me tell you how I shop and where I shop:
  • To build up my shoes collection: Invest in nice quality shoes. I score nice designer shoes at Saks, Neiman Marcus and/or Barneys during their bi-annual sale seasons. I can't never allow myself to purchase shoes or clothing items at regular price or only 30% off. So I wait patiently until the sale begins so I can have $500 pair of shoes for less than $200.
  • To build up my wardrobe: I always score great designer pieces during the semi-annual sale at one of those department stores. I often check out Neiman Marcus lastcall store every now and then and always find great designer pieces at an extremely good deal that I can not resist to go without. My office is only couple of minutes away so its really on the way home:).
  • If you find a great piece, you should envision how you are goign to wear the piece, and if it needs to be tailored, is it a difficult tailor job? Consider the tailor cost that will be added in, is it worth the cost? I always have to get everything tailored to fit it like it was made for me, I have a weird body shape, what can I say?
  • Find a great tailor that knows your style, and can work on difficult pieces. Alteration on designer clothes always cost more because of the intricate details from the stitching to the fabric

The above dress is from Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2007; now this is truly a FFF consider the quality of materials, the original retail cost and what I really paid for the item. The back of the dress is absolutely gorgeous. Pictures mean more than thousands of words, for this reason I will update the post with pictures of me in it as soon as I can.

The dress as seen on the runway model still looks a bit loose, and I am very particular when it comes to correct fitting since I am not 6' tall like the model, loose fitting like this will not look good on a small frame, 5'2 and 105lb so I am going to pay another visit to my wonderful tailor for sure.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Trying on my new dress

I just picked up my dress today from my tailor. Anything I buy always ends up being expensive because of the additional cost at the tailor, but it is worth it because I don't like ill fitting clothes. I couldn't wait so I tried on the dress as soon as I got home, and I thought to take a picture and share with everyone. I am neutral about it, it is as cute as most of the ones I already own.
My tailor did a great job on the alteration. I wore it out with my bf on Saturday night and he loves it. He wants me to repeat it again on our next outing, but I said I must wear everything in my close once before I repeat this, and there are still too many things in my closet that has yet had my special attention:)

FFF for the office

I am a big time bargain shopper. I dont often pay retail for shoes or clothing items except for essential accessories like a classic Chanel bag, clutch, my everyday oversized Chanel and Tomford sunglasses, ect.

Fashion is not about having the It bag, dress, shoes or wearing what everyone is wearing. I don't always have to have the latest trend. It is more important to know who you are, your body type and what type of clothes, shoes, accessories work best for you. I love classic body hugging sheath dress with intricate details, and pencil skirts.

As seen above:

1) Top: Cashmere sweater by Theory
2) Skirt: honestly I am not quite sure whose it is made by, but I love it. I will find out when I get home and let you know.
3) Shoes: Suede pumps by Brian Atwood
4) My new Tomford sunglasses, my early BD present from A.Duy

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Recent FFF (Fabulous Fashion Find)

I love anything and everything with a touch of lace, from lacy underwear, bra (La Perla is my favorite), top, skirt, dress, you name it, and If I'll be married someday my choice of wedding gown will also be something along the line of the lace gowns from Monique Lhuillier, or Osca Dela Renta. I know how expensive they are, especially with Osca Dela Renta, so probably will not be original, but it sure will be a less xpensive custom made version that still resembles the style and details from these fabulous designers.
Lace makes everything looks so feminine, beautiful and romantic. I recently spotted the above lace dress at Neiman Marcus last call store. The length is a bit long so it would make me look old. I am having my tailor turned it into a mini dress, same length as seen on the model and Catherine Zeta Jones above. Of course, it will be taken up from the chest area to keep the scallop trimming. I am thinking about rocking this number with my nude CL pumps, white envelop clutch and pearl earings. I am going to a Fashion for a Passion event next Saturday, its also my BD. Seriously, I have too many choices in my closet, I am not sure what to wear yet, but this is an option because it is cute, sexy with a touch of vintage because its nude lace. FYI this is not my first lace dress I have, but it is the first lace dress in nude and I am still so excited to wear it. Stay tune for more pictures and updates