Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Closet space

I don't hang all my dresses here, some majority of them.

Blouses, jackets, skirts, several on one hanger, I clearly need bigger closet. The shelves above are for clutches, purses, scarfs, pants, Jeans.

I ebay lots of shoes I don't wear, at least three pairs of CL shoes in the last several months. Most of them if i still have boxes, they are kept in box, if not in dust bag.

My swearter and light weight blouses I fold them and leave them here. The other half are in my closet shelves.

Until I can have a bigger closet with a giant bathroom this has to do and work for now. All my silk, shirt sweaters are folded and stored in drawers. My hanging space are only for beautiful couture dresses, skirt, blouse and Jacket. Everything from Theory or lower would be stored in my draws except for suit and coats.

I try to my best to keep it neat and it's hard, when I have time I will reorganize it all over again. Of course closet space is not limited, i would like to organize by color and type of clothes. All pants from dark to light, skirt from dark to light, dresses from dark to light then blouses.

Are my shoes are in boxes unless I threw away the box and no longer have them. If I purchase shoes during vacation, most likely I don't keep the box beause I don't have space in my carry on to bring back the shoes +box:).

Here are the looks of the messy closet for now, I will post this all over again when I get a nice big walking, sleep in, or drive in closet:)

expensive skin care doesn't always work---at least not on me

I've been busy and my post has been rather boring with no pictures f anything, but let's talk about recent skin delimma. So I always admire people in their mid 20s to 30s with baby skin. I mean we all wear make up, and those people wear makes up too, but their skin must be great to look so silky like mink with make on. If the skin under the make it not good, make up will help but will not make one looks like that.

I don't have the best skin or worst skin, not as worst as some, but not as great as some others' neither. When I come accross people with that silky skin as I mentioned above, I always ask how they keep their skin so soft and glowingly beautiful like that, most of the times the responses I got was expensive skin care, and how they are willing to pay over thousand every couple of months for skin care. I on the other hand have rather sensitive skin and always afraid to try anything unless it is stated organics, and my skin products are not expensive products neither, anyone can buy so i thought, hmmm maybe I should invest a thousand dollar to buy some good skin products rather than having a face lift in the next 10 to 15 years right? less painful and cheaper:).

I tried De Lamer, Chanel, Sisley which is probably the most expensive skin care I've heard of, and I was wrong, my skin reacted so strong to it. Part of it is stress, but the major part of it is that those skin care products are way too thick and strong for me which cost me an expensive visit to the Dermatologist, an expensive prescription and I ended up using an over the counter face wash which is called " neem and turmeric face wash" it cost $8.00 at Sprouts and it does the trick. After taking medication and applied topical face cream from my dermatologist, my skin improved a little after one week and it just seemed that the improvement was very slow and kind of hit a plateau where it just stoped. During that week I went to sprouts during lunch to return a face product that I did not use because I was using the products from Dr. prescription, I came across a rep who was there to promote some organic health product there, he showed me a picture of him before and standing in front of him at the time, I would not believe it is the same person on the photo he showsedme if I was to see the same scenario on an TV add. Oh boys his before and after amazed me. This worked for him, it must work for me as well, and the cost is only $8.00 so I bought a jar for myself and couldn't wait to try.

Upon my return to the office, I googled to read on what others have to say about this products, and all what I read just urged me to use the product right away. I am telling you, an expensive visit to the Dr., prescription filled and paid for, I dissed them all after I use the products for like 2 days and see dramatic results.

I am almost back to normal and receoved. Gosh, for once I wish that I could trade to be fat and have beautiful glowing skin because I know how to work out and I can work the weight off, but i just didnt know where to turn to get my skin back at the time. Thanks to inexpensive Neem and turmeric face wash, my skin is saved and I even take turmeric pill supplement now, I see it helps my immune and digestive system too.

Expensive skin care while works wonder on some people, but it's not for everyone. It's not because of the cost, it's because you may be paying so much for the products and also end up paying more to fix the problem you did not have to begin with. Don't let the SA at Saks, Neiman or Barneys talk you into buying expensive products, if you have sensitive skin, be extra cautious if you want to switch.