Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Watch out because I am contagious

I switched from regular running/work out shoes to this Vibram five toes/fingers shoes:). They look weird at first, but they are very comfortable and great for legs work out because they give you that good grip you need and your feet don't slide. They are a bit pricey, but you can get them online for about $75. I got mine from Sun and Ski for $108 including tax. They are good for rock climbing and yoga too. I start to see more and more people wearing them at the gym so I don't feel weird wearing them anymore:)

I am infected with an obsession to work out and I am totally contagious. Proof? My FI is infected now because he is alwaus with me:). He may not be as obessive with working out, but he has been going to gym lots more often like four days a week, and taking on a healthy eating habits...and guess what? he has pretty good results.

How often do I work out? On an average four to time times a week. Trust me, I get lazy too, don't try to sit on the couch to watch TV after you get off from work, chance is you will not get up to make it to the gym:).

Where do I work out? Apartment home gym or between different LA fitness locations, LA Fitness Richardson, Preston and 635 and more frequently at Mid-way and Park.

What are my work out regimens? I don't use lots of machine, and/or the same work out machine everyday. I use mostly my own body weight and or free weights. Those work better, but I still use machine to change up the work out as well. I always stretch prior to and after my work out. Your muscle grows easier and you become more flexible not injured if you stretch. My work out usually starts or ends with at least 20 mins high intensive cardio either walking very fast on the treadmill with high incline or on the stair master with high speed of course.

  1. Stretch prior to and after work out

  2. Cardio of at least 20 mins only if you do high intensive or if you go low pace, you have to do 40 mins because your body won't start burning until after the first 20 minutes if you just kind of walking slow and taking it easy

  3. Weight work out: don't do the same exervise or same muscle group everyday. You have to change it up, your muscles need rest to grow. One major and minor muscle group a day.

  4. Let's say we start out with legs work out on Monday: you can either do full legs work out or just partial legs work out.

  5. Tuesday: no weight work out, must cardio and abs. On the day you only do cardio and abs, 45 mins cario and at least 15 mins abs

  6. Wednesday: back and biceps

  7. Thursday: rest if you want to, but if you feel like goign to the gym, cardio and abs

  8. Friday: Chest and tri-ceps

  9. Saturday off, rest day

  10. Sunday: shoulders and arms, some cardio to end the work out

Let's just start out like this. Working out is just as important as keeping a healthy diet if you want to ahieve optimal results. I will blog more often, and I will explain in more details on some of the good abs, legs, back, chest, arms exercises. I love fashion, I love food, but I have to maintain a healthy life style to feel good and look good in all the beautifyl clothes right?