Sunday, September 27, 2009

At wedding reception at Adolphus hotel. The bride in her own design by Nha-Khanh. I wore Mandalay sequined dress, silver clutch, and Louboutins pumps.

Post wedding ceremony at church. I wore Donna Karan from Spring 2008. The bride wore her own design "Nha Khanh". The dress is very couture and gorgeous in person, if I will ever get married, I know who I will go to for my wedding gown now:)

Friday, September 25, 2009

what to wear, what to wear???

I am horrible when it comes to decide what I want to wear to go somewhere. I probably have to change my outfit three times before I walk out of the house.

I am thinking about wearing a simple white sheath dress to attend a wedding ceremony tomorrow

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday wedding

A friend of mine asked me to attend a wedding with her since her husband was out of town and she didn't want to go alone. I used to do that with my friend when I was younger, but being 31 I feel a bit weird, but I gusss I can just pretend that I am still young. Considering it's a sunday, I didn't want to be over the top so I wore simple classic gray sheath dress and Brian Atwood pumps.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

new ebay post

Hello visitor,

Come check out my ebay listing...maybe there a thing or two that you will like.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Experimenting sequin pants look and good bye mommy bob

Paired with D-Squared jacket
e I like the soft look with the cardigan and white tank or lace Robert Rodriguez top as seen the most

With ruffle cotton Robert Rodriguez top

I tried to leave the pants fall long to see how it looks but I like the edgy quick fix rubber band hamen pants look better:)

A friend of mine asked me to help her look for a dress for an event that she will be attending next month, so here is what I found. I am just trying on for her...

What a nice friend, looking out for my friend because she is a mom with a young baby and is three months pregnant so I think she can still fit in this dress since she is small like me.

The sequin pants with Robert Rodriguez razer back tank top. The length of the pants is quite long, what I did here is I put rubber band on each leg to create the harem pants as seen on previous post. It would be very Chanel like if you want to wear it flare, it just needs to be shorterned to the right length to fit. So do I have a buyer here?

Here is the same look and I pair it with J-crew fitted cardigan.

I was trying to grow my hair out to a longer bob like shoulder length, but I could no longer stand the look of the in between mommy Bob stage so I got my hair trimmed today, plus I will be attending few events next week so I want to look chic:).

everything sequins, sequin me please!!!

It looks big hanging, but it fits me very nice...I'll have to do an outfit post with this pants soon so you can kind of have an idea how they look.

I found a pair of Tory Burch Pants for a very good deal, I thought it would be fun to wear for a festive holiday party so I bought the pants thinking if I don't wear it I can still put it up on ebay and somebody will buy it for such a steal.

Work is slow today for me so I googled how to wear hot sequin pants, and I didn't realize they are still so in now, and they have been seen on the runway recently. Well, I am going to keep it for me, but if you are interested, please let me know and tell me how much you are willing to buy it for:)
The pants is by Tory Burch, size 2, retail for $695 .

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

more new items are listed

If you come accross my blog, come check out my ebay listing:

1) Brand New Roger Vivier riding boots:

2) Brand New Marc Jacobs tote bag:

3) Theory sequin tank top:

4)DVF Safari short sleeve olive green dress:

5) Robert Rodriguez lace dress:

I will be listing more items in the next day or so, please check back my ebay for more update. Thank you!!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

swap cloth party

Look at what I got, I swapped with friend of mine for something she doesn't want and she never wore it, it just doesn't fit her we both exchanged our unwanted items with each other.

well, I think I am gonna change my mind and wear this to October or september wedding instead, what do you think? The dress is made by Mandalay.

Friday, September 11, 2009

party dresses

I don't wear lots of print, unless the print is large and wild as seen ont his dress.

One of my favorite color is green and I love the braided strap on this dress.

This dress seems so light and effortless

As the year-end approaches, there are quite few party events to be attending.....I am in the mood for a long sexy dress....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

sucessful first time ebayer

Its been a fun week, I woke up to email tittled" Your time sold", and I sold most of the items on ebay except for the tote bag and the boots, but there were quite few potential buyers who are in the UK or Greece were interested in the items and want to buy the items, however shipping cost would be outrageous expensive to ship internationally so it would not be a good buy for them since the shipping cost is too much....I do not like to use postal service. I use fedex or UPS ground which I know cost more but I trust and I can track the item better.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fabulous Fashion Finds on ebay

I did some major spring cleaning today and I am letting go lots of very nice, good quality, and cute items from my closet to make space for the new ones or simple because I can't fit in them anymore. Some items are brand new, and some are pre-owned, but they are like new because I probably only wore it once.

I have more items to post up on ebay, and I will in the up coming week.

Above is one of the items and you can see the rest of the items if you click " to see other items". I will be posting more cute items next week.

Lace lover

Alexander McQueen Spring 2009
Alexander McQueen Spring 2009
Prada Fall 2008
Prada Fall 2008

Prada Fall 2008
I have a special love for lace; I love everything lace from undergarment to an evening dress. La Perla makes perfect and sexy lace undergarment; it makes my not sexy figure so much sexier so I love them:). I love every Prada Fall 2008 runway piece, I would own all of them if I can afford them all:)
The two Alexander McQueen dresses above are to die for. I love the structure of the dress. I think it would be very nice if it was made in the same textured lace material as seen on Prada. I have a friend who is a great designer; I think I am going to have her made a dress for me similiar to one of these:)

Work function/dinner

I'll be attending company function/dinner tomorrow at the Mansion in Dallas, and I guess this will be work appropriate. Originally, the front portion of dress is one piece, but because it runs a bit big and I have to get it tailored (since I have disproportional body, my back/torso tends to be shorter than my legs, so often I have to get the top portion shortened on some of the sheath dresses) so the front portion of the dress now has a seamline. I got the dress on sale, but I had to get it tailored to fit me better so the dredd ended up not such a great deal after all:(, but still only fraction of the original retail price:)
Dress: YSL blouson sheath dress from Fall 2007
Shoes: Lace Christian Louboutins
Belt: random belt purchased from Saks.
I guess I should borrow my sister's black pearl necklace to complete the look and wear a skinny black belt as well:)