Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Chanel pencil skirt and pink collar bow

My goal is to have the tight abs like Kelly by March
This is how I look now...before picture and I will post an after picture in March

What I wore for work today

Me trying on the pink collar bow before I bring it home:)

I am having a great week so far. I started school this week. If you are wondering what I am going to schook for; I am working on my MBA. Everything is going okay at work as well, so there isn't much to complain about.

I started my new work out regimen this week:

Back & Biceps

Chest & Triceps

Shoulders and Abs


And everyday, I try to do four sets of 40 ball crunches and four sets of 20 legs raise and 30 minutes on the bike.

Why am I working out so hard? I am standing at only 5"2 without heels and weight around 109-110lbs so I am not out of shape, but I am working to tighten my abs more and build some muscles. My goal is to reach my dream fitness body by March, and I will reward myself with a trip to Barbados.
I tried on a bathing suit today and I think If I keep up with the same work out regimens and eat lean and healthy everyday, I will reach my goal with no doubt.
Beside, I've been following 9to5chic blog and I love her style. She always looks so elegant and stylish for work. Her blog inpsires me to dress up more during the work week. I have a closet full of clothes, and I always end up wearing whatever most comfortable over what is pretty and stylish:). so I am going to get up a little earlier each day and make effort to dress up more like I used to when I first started working at OSM.
Last month, I mentioned that I have my eyes on two Chanel items at Neiman Marcus, but I had to wait until last-call to buy them. I told my sale lady about the two things I want and she offered to hold them for me. She has them on hold for three weeks and currently Neiman Marcus is having pre-sale for last call so I can finally buy these items. The first item is Chanel pink Collar bow, and the second item is a black tweed Chanel skirt. I decided that from now on I will only buy one or two investment pieces every season.
By the way, I returned my Lace Christian Louboutin booties. They are not must have items and are still pretty pricey so I let them go find a new home.