Thursday, January 7, 2010

Starting day with with a new diet plan

Wearing Chanel skirt size 38, Jay Ahr halter top/dress, Giuseppizanoti pumps bought recently at after christmas sale.
I took the pink bow back to Neiman Marcus as two of my guy friends called it my over priced halloween costume:)....

Wearing the pink collar bow with a simple sheath Jil Sander dress. I thought the bow is already too big and empowering so I have to pair it with simple thing.

I talked to my friend Steven today and I told him I want to look like Kelly Ripa's ripped body so he gave me a few tips on good healthy diet plan for the ripped body. I know I must not be doing something right with my diet because I work out like a mad woman and I don't get the result I want to get so today I am doing a different diet plan.....I know I am insane....yaayyyyy, be await for the updated fitness body in March....

I know I am little obsessive with health, fitness and getting in the dream shape right now, but it's all least that keeps me away from the mall and spending money on clothes or shoes, instead on other more important things:)

Here are couples of pictures I've taken with my iphone of the skirt and the new collar pink bow.