Sunday, December 6, 2009

It needs time to grow on you

I lways let the sale person talk me into buying something expensive then when I come home I am not sure about it. Just like how I made my decision to purchase this Umberto Olivieri quilted leather jacket. I thought it was great when I saw it at the store, but when I brought it home, it was good, but not great. After discovering that it goes with pretty much anything I start loving it so much now.
It is very Chanel and I can dree it up or down depends on what I pair with it. I am saying it's very Chanel like because it is quilted, by no mean to insult Umberto Olivirie in anyway because he is a well known designer in Italy specializing in mostly haute couture shearling/fur coat and hand made Haute couture leather garment.
I had so much fun wearing the jacket and always receive compliment on it. Sometime something needs little time to grow on you:)...and the most important thing is it keeps me very very warm. I have another leather jacket that I love and bought in Boston last year by Prada, look great, but only for look and more comfortable for the high 50s or mid 60s evening weather over Jeans or dress, but Olivieri is different, it keeps me warm and looking stylish at the same time.
1) I wore Maison Martin Margriela pants with JAY AHR halter top mini dress but I wore as a top with the pants.
2) I wore Dolce & Gabbana collection dress with Micheal Kors strappy heels and of course my Olivierie jacket over it to Duy'S BD dinner.

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