Monday, December 7, 2009

Chanel Scarf

Although yesterday was such a rainy and cold day in Dallas, however I had a long list I need to get done at the mall so I dragged myself to the mall
  1. Return make up brushes that I ordered at Neiman Marcus and didn't like
  2. I ordered some dresses from the day after thanksgiving and none of them fit

  3. I had to buy a secret santa gift for a girl in my office

So of course while I was at Neiman I couldn't help checking out all the marked down items. I saw one or two things I would spend money on, however not when they are only 40% off...I need better sale in order to afford these items, they are way too expensive even at 40% off...I need 70% off sale:). I made a decision that If I am going to add something to my closet, I am going to need to get grid of something else that I don't wear, and any new addition will be the best and only the best other wise it is not worth to waste money on.

Items I saw were a nice Chanel suit which of course still very expensive....I don't have anything Chanel so of course I would love to own a Chanel suit someday; I also saw a very cool wool scarf which I am in love with, but not for a hefty price tag of $700 even after the 40% sale so I am going to wait, it it will make it to last call, it will be mine if not, its just not meant to be. I am going to wait until the last mark down or I just won't need anything:).

I'm going to have a DIY looks simple enough that a person like myself can attempt to try....well, I'll be thinking about the fabric and I will have a DIY bow tie scarf coming up soon....

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