Thursday, September 17, 2009

Experimenting sequin pants look and good bye mommy bob

Paired with D-Squared jacket
e I like the soft look with the cardigan and white tank or lace Robert Rodriguez top as seen the most

With ruffle cotton Robert Rodriguez top

I tried to leave the pants fall long to see how it looks but I like the edgy quick fix rubber band hamen pants look better:)

A friend of mine asked me to help her look for a dress for an event that she will be attending next month, so here is what I found. I am just trying on for her...

What a nice friend, looking out for my friend because she is a mom with a young baby and is three months pregnant so I think she can still fit in this dress since she is small like me.

The sequin pants with Robert Rodriguez razer back tank top. The length of the pants is quite long, what I did here is I put rubber band on each leg to create the harem pants as seen on previous post. It would be very Chanel like if you want to wear it flare, it just needs to be shorterned to the right length to fit. So do I have a buyer here?

Here is the same look and I pair it with J-crew fitted cardigan.

I was trying to grow my hair out to a longer bob like shoulder length, but I could no longer stand the look of the in between mommy Bob stage so I got my hair trimmed today, plus I will be attending few events next week so I want to look chic:).


  1. That gown is gorgeous. I love the neckline and the green.