Monday, March 16, 2009

Looking fabulous within your reach.

I am very particular when it comes to buying clothes or shoes because I've already invested a lot in my wardrobe in my early years, and at this point if it is not fab and within my reach I would not consider buying the item. I am not a millionaire or do I have a millionaire husband or boyfriend, and of course I have bills to pay like the most of you, but I love to shop, I love fashion, how do I build up my fabulous wardrobes without spending a fortune???

Let's me tell you how I shop and where I shop:
  • To build up my shoes collection: Invest in nice quality shoes. I score nice designer shoes at Saks, Neiman Marcus and/or Barneys during their bi-annual sale seasons. I can't never allow myself to purchase shoes or clothing items at regular price or only 30% off. So I wait patiently until the sale begins so I can have $500 pair of shoes for less than $200.
  • To build up my wardrobe: I always score great designer pieces during the semi-annual sale at one of those department stores. I often check out Neiman Marcus lastcall store every now and then and always find great designer pieces at an extremely good deal that I can not resist to go without. My office is only couple of minutes away so its really on the way home:).
  • If you find a great piece, you should envision how you are goign to wear the piece, and if it needs to be tailored, is it a difficult tailor job? Consider the tailor cost that will be added in, is it worth the cost? I always have to get everything tailored to fit it like it was made for me, I have a weird body shape, what can I say?
  • Find a great tailor that knows your style, and can work on difficult pieces. Alteration on designer clothes always cost more because of the intricate details from the stitching to the fabric

The above dress is from Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2007; now this is truly a FFF consider the quality of materials, the original retail cost and what I really paid for the item. The back of the dress is absolutely gorgeous. Pictures mean more than thousands of words, for this reason I will update the post with pictures of me in it as soon as I can.

The dress as seen on the runway model still looks a bit loose, and I am very particular when it comes to correct fitting since I am not 6' tall like the model, loose fitting like this will not look good on a small frame, 5'2 and 105lb so I am going to pay another visit to my wonderful tailor for sure.

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  1. great tips! i read once that fashion's best kept secret was finding a tailor you trust. i've never gotten anything tailored (nor do i have a trusted tailor), but seeing how great all of your tailored clothes fit is making me feel like i need to jump on this idea.