Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've been having busy work week this week with lots of projects are ramping up and new projects are in the pipeline. My hair is growing so fast, my chic bob is growing into a mommy bob now so I am getting my hair trimmed today afterwork. I'll probably go to the gym after getting my hair trimmed at the Salon, then I have to squeeze in sometime to get my eye-brow waxed and trimmed as well.

I also desperately need to get a pedi and mani as well, and I guess those have to wait until Friday evening or possibly Saturday after my body toning class at LA fitness, and in between those time before I meet Duy for dinner, I have to pick up his suit at the tailor, and pick up my dress at my tailor as well.

I have several good tailors that I use depending on the needs:
  • Natasha at Atelier Tailor in Plano: I must admit that she is very good, but she is not cheap, even on a very simple 5 minute job, she still charges me a lot so I only go to her for very difficult piece from now on.
  • Vu Tailor: he is highly reccommended to me from a good friend, he is just as good or could be better than Natasha, and he is a bit less expensive. I know for sure he is good with men suit because he does custom suit and I've seen his work. Let's see if Duy likes the way he fixes the suit on Saturday
  • Fine Tailor in Garland: I love chi. Trang and Trinh, they are very nice and very very good as well so take most of my stuffs to them, but it has not been anything that is majorly hard to do.

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