Friday, July 8, 2011

Where have I been?

I know this pic is lame, just want to ducument my body transformation progress:), I feel like my abs was better before the 4th of July Holidays, must be the food and drink that I consumed all 5 days weekend:). This pic was taken today:)

I am still trying to find the best button down silk shirt to go with it. This is the type of skirt if worn wrong it would go from classy to trashy.

Herve Leger sequin skirt, Robert Rodriguez pearl top and CL black pumps

Worn here to date night dinner with Mr. B-Dinh, J-crew skirt, dolce & Gabbana lace top (the top comes with straps, but I have them tucked to wear as strapless) Christian Louboutin patent leather peeptoes pumps.

I don't really have many followers and readers, but if you follow my blog you know I am not a good blogger:)

1) I don't have cool outfit post like most other bloggers:)

2) The photos on my posts are usually taken by my iphone so they are not the best quality

3) I am camera shy and don't really take pictures too often
4) I don't really go out much to any social event so this explains why my blog is dry and boring:)


  1. I still like it when you update your blog.

  2. I like your blog and think you have fantastic style!

  3. Hi :) To be honest, you have a wonderful blog :) and you are my inspiration to work harder on my flabby abs :)

  4. I just stumbled on your blog via the DFW blogger network and I love your blog :) The outfits you do post are inspirational and stylish! I read your exercise post and you're motivating me to get back in shape. Keep up the great work!!