Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Closet space

I don't hang all my dresses here, some majority of them.

Blouses, jackets, skirts, several on one hanger, I clearly need bigger closet. The shelves above are for clutches, purses, scarfs, pants, Jeans.

I ebay lots of shoes I don't wear, at least three pairs of CL shoes in the last several months. Most of them if i still have boxes, they are kept in box, if not in dust bag.

My swearter and light weight blouses I fold them and leave them here. The other half are in my closet shelves.

Until I can have a bigger closet with a giant bathroom this has to do and work for now. All my silk, shirt sweaters are folded and stored in drawers. My hanging space are only for beautiful couture dresses, skirt, blouse and Jacket. Everything from Theory or lower would be stored in my draws except for suit and coats.

I try to my best to keep it neat and it's hard, when I have time I will reorganize it all over again. Of course closet space is not limited, i would like to organize by color and type of clothes. All pants from dark to light, skirt from dark to light, dresses from dark to light then blouses.

Are my shoes are in boxes unless I threw away the box and no longer have them. If I purchase shoes during vacation, most likely I don't keep the box beause I don't have space in my carry on to bring back the shoes +box:).

Here are the looks of the messy closet for now, I will post this all over again when I get a nice big walking, sleep in, or drive in closet:)

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