Wednesday, August 19, 2009


wearing D-squared denim millitary inspired jacket, Brian Atwood pumps, Jil Sander black sheath dress.

Wearing Prada brown leather jacket from Spring 2009, Jil Sander black sheath dress, Bian Atwood pumps.

wearing sequin Theory top, Moschino tulip skirt and Brian Atwood pumps.

Do you sometime see a look in a movie or magazine and immediately recognize that you have a similiar item in your closet, and you can't wait to go home to mimic the look using that similiar piece that you have:). I do.....I always love the bond girl look with leather jacket or military inspired jacket, on top of being so bored tonight I tried on my favorite leather jacket and D-square jacket again....can' t wait until it gets cold enough to wear them out:).

I also spot another look today on a sequined min skirt:(. so I tried on the sequined top with mini skirt instead:)

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