Saturday, July 4, 2009

don't take people for granted

You can say that I am obsessive with Micheal Jackson, but this is such a saf 4th of July weekend for America, for the world. We lost such a beautiful and talented human being ever, Micheal Jackson. I know some of the his best selling album are: Thrill, Bad, Black or White and tons of other ones, but my favorite song is Heal The World. Everytime I listen to this song since his death, I can't help it but cried. I know you may think I am crazy, I don't even know this man personally, but I feel his soul, I feel the pure and innocent and his message to the world. I hate the media, the press for putting him through hell when he was on earth with us then now he is gone they all tried to praise him. So what if he got plastic surgery? so what if he died of drug. Have you tried to be him? can you put yourself in someone's shoes to see how it feels. Anyways, just imagine a hectic schedule traveling from one continent to another, the time different, and many more stressful factors to see if you will develop insomnia.

Well, so what he is different, he loves children and he is pure and innocent, I can see why those low life scumbags went after him for his wealth. It's much easier to accuse him for anything they want to they can live large on his money because Micheal Jackson is a different person than most people. The fact that they settled for cash payouts clearly stated thatthey made up stories to go after him for money. The second accusation, the lady did not even go to the police she went ahead to speak to the attorney first, don't you think if you think someone has the intention to harm your kids, you will go to the police first. Well, what goes around comes around, but what they did to him was to humiliate him to the world, still lots of people believe in him because they know he is purely innocent.

Anyways, Westerners are weird anyways. When I was a kid, I always share the same bed with my parents, until my mom had twin, I couldn't sleep with her anymore then I had to share the same bed my father, I was 7 years old at the time. Does it make my father a molester? I share the same bed with my friends when I had to0, and they are gay, does it make it any more unsual and sexual? and he said the children didnt sleep on the same bed, he let them have his bed,and he slept on the floor. I can see why the kids want to sleep in the same bed room because its Micheal Jackson, he is not just any Micheal,people and his fans all over the world die to just meet him or get a hug from him in real life, or geta glim of Micheal. So give the man a break, before he left he wrote a 35,000,000 check to the poor children,not including lots of other charity he did before that. He visited plenty of sick kids, hospitals,orphanages, have you even set your time to do anything like that? He is famous and his time worths plenty of money and he did as many of those visits and he did go on tour.

I hope he is now how much the world miss him, and everyone, and fans all over the world love and miss him, and his legacy will go on, he is still very alive in spirit.

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