Monday, April 20, 2009

Most recent FFF

The dress is nice and verry simple, I thought if I spice it up a little pairing with this jewl Carolina Herrera belt that will be unique. I am going to several wedding the next couple of months, and one this next weekend. The reception will be held at a very nice hotel ballroom so I want to dress a little more special. I found Carlos Miele long gown as above picture in size 6, yet the intriciate detail made it hard to get it taken in, darn if only if size 4 was available that would be perfect. Decision, decision!!!

I probably found more than just this one FFF, but most of the FFF I found recent has been shoes and I do not have pictures of.

The most recent FFF: Stelle McCartney dress from Fall 2008 collection.


  1. It is a beautiful dress, looks like you had good time in Cali.

  2. ugh i have clothes envy b/c of your posts! i always wonder, maybe if i don't buy random things from F21 all the time and combine my savings, i could invest in a single nicer item. this plan always fails. =(

    the dress is gorgeous!